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SNAP Challenge Day 3–Christi



I am thankful for my multi-colored pasta and marinara sauce with some frozen onions and green peppers. What I am not crazy about is having it for dinner on Tuesday, dinner on Wednesday, and lunch on Thursday. I attended a meeting today and they served coffee. I did have 2 cups, because that’s what I would normally do. I realize I’m fortunate. My job provides me many opportunities to network with peers where I might have access to refreshments, like coffee. I realize not everyone has this opportunity. Heck, a lot of people don’t get paid sick leave let alone the opportunity of time to get to know others working in their same profession. After work I attended a professional meeting where refreshments were served. I confess: I did have 3 caramels and a cup of cheddar/caramel corn. Again, this is normal behavior when I have access to refreshments. I was tempted–but resisted–taking an apple home so I could have it the next day.

Interesting, I immediately went for the unhealthy stuff. I should have taken an apple.

  1. Elianna

    “Heck, a lot of people don’t get paid sick leave…” – This is a topic that I’ve seen a lot of lately, and it really hits me hard. It’s so important to be able to take time off to see a doctor and/or recuperate from an illness without worrying about how it will impact your ability to make ends meet. I wish it were included in worker protections.

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