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SNAP Challenge Day 1 – Lisa


Monday I started the SNAP Challenge. For the next week, I will live on a food budget of $4.15 per day. Sunday night I went shopping for my groceries for the week.  It was stressful trying to plan realistic, affordable meals that were also nutritious

My food for the week!

My food for the week!

on a very limited budget!

As I walked the aisles of the grocery stores, I felt deprived. Everything suddenly looked so good.  My cart had many less fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods than usual.  I was tempted to avoid all fruits and veggies and choose more calorically dense foods, but the “dietitian on my shoulder” wasn’t having it! The picture shows the items I purchased at Meijer and Aldi. I spent $28.03, which means I have $1.02 left to spend later this week.

Monday I ate plain oatmeal for breakfast. At lunch, I ate a peanut butter sandwich on “wheat” bread, with a handful of Chex Mix and a few animal crackers. I was looking forward to an apple in the afternoon, until a worm moved across the top of it during my third bite…yuck!

At dinner, I had two scrambled eggs with salsa, mushrooms and cheddar cheese rolled up in tortillas.  I also ate a few carrots. Around 9 pm I was hungry so I ate an apple with a small amount of peanut butter.

My only beverage all day was ice water. I was much more preoccupied with food today than I normally am. In fact when my husband walked in tonight, he found me planning out every meal through Sunday. I was tempted to eat more today but feared that I’d run out of food mid-week.

This will definitely be an interesting week. Do you think it would be easy to live on $4.15 per day?  Check back during the week to see how things are going for those of us taking this challenge!



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