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SNAP Challenge Day 1–Christi



I started my morning with a bowl of multigrain cereal with milk and honey. I also had a glass of orange juice, which made the cut during my shopping trip. Should I have juice or coffee? Luckily juice won because it will be my only fruit for the week.  My lunch was a mixed green salad with tofu and balsamic dressing. I was really hungry in the afternoon, so I decided I would make extra cereal on Tuesday morning so I could have a little snack Tuesday afternoon. My dinner was stir fry with rice and teriyaki sauce. I nibbled on rice while my vegetables cooked. I kept 2/3 of it for my lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I had a headache all day, which I believe was due to lack of caffeine. Drank lots of water, but still miss my coffee. I went to bed feeling full, but cheated. I miss eating the foods my husband is enjoying. I realize our income allows us to chose foods we enjoy eating without having to make difficult decisions.

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