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Day 7 – Lisa


Sunday was my final day of the SNAP Challenge.  I ate a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and snacked during the morning on a few of the remaining chocolate animal crackers.  Lunch was peanut butter on wheat bread, with the end of the Chex mix, some carrots and an apple.  I was going to eat two turkey hot dogs at dinner, but could only stomach one.  I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the end of my loaf of bread, and also had a few bites of leftover macaroni and cheese.  I also ate the last few mushrooms.

On Saturday I was able to buy a small amount of ice cream with the $1.o3 I had left from Sunday’s shopping trip (and the help of a coupon.)  As much as I wanted to inhale all of it on Saturday night, I am glad I saved a few bites for Sunday.  I really wanted some fruit but did not have any left to eat.

While I did not run out of food completely during the challenge, I ran out of healthy food.  There were definitely days when I was hungry between meals.  I was preoccupied with food, and at times, I was almost obsessed with whether I would have enough food to get me through the week.

No one should have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from, or if they are going to have enough food to feed their family for the month.  I will use my voice to raise awareness about the importance of the SNAP program in the future.  In addition, I will raise awareness about SNAP recipients’ need for nutrition education.   While it is not an easy task, there are things SNAP recipients can do to stretch their food dollars and make healthy food choices.  The more we can empower these individuals to make healthy choices, the brighter their futures will be.



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