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Day 5- Lisa


Friday was a tough day.  Although I was thrilled to spend the morning with my daughter on a field trip to the Grand Rapids Downtown Indoor Market, it was hard seeing and smelling all of the fantastic local food and knowing I couldn’t afford it.  I did taste a pumpkin cookie that was offered as a sample, and I talked my daughter into a bite of the cookie she bought.  It made me wish that the outdoor market was open, so that I could’ve taken advantage of Double Up Food Bucks with my last $2 for the week.

That evening, I went to a homecoming parade, a carnival, and a high school football game.  I had to run home between the carnival and the game to eat, because they didn’t accept SNAP benefits at the concession stand.  I settled for a hard boiled egg, a turkey hot dog and some carrots.

During the game, I was preoccupied with the food people around me were eating.  Everything looked and smelled so good.   I was hungry.  I did enjoy a piece of pizza that was given to me.  It tasted heavenly.

I am starting to wonder if I will have enough oatmeal left for the next two mornings.  I am sick of turkey hot dogs, but I know I will have them again once or twice before Monday, because I am running out of protein.  I have been using the ends of the bread loaf as hot dog buns; so hopefully I will have enough bread to get through the week.

I am definitely not meeting the recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings per day.  I feel sluggish and tired.  I am glad I only have two days left, but unfortunately not everyone can see that light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Kristina

    Thank you for sharing your SNAP Challenge experiences! Your comments about hunger becoming a reality for you and how it impacted your focus and energy are an eye opener. I’ve heard other people say how emotionally touching it’s been to hear your stories, along with others from Feeding America.

    I’ve been through some of these experiences first-hand. Getting through college, while raising a family, sometimes I had to choose between which items on my grocery list were necessities and which ones were moved over to my wish list (fresh produce, household goods, etc.); along with figuring out how much money was left after food to pay bills.
    I was fortunate enough to have SNAP benefits for a short while, until I got up on my feet. I was very thankful for the help. I hope other beneficiaries also appreciate its value and make healthy food choices.
    Health Literacy Month

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