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Day 5 #2 — Christi


When I made it to the kitchen this Monday morning, I really wanted to skip the remaining 3 days of the Challenge and have a cup of coffee. Instead, I made my oatmeal and had a warm cup of water. I brought the remaining tuna casserole to work with me; enough for the final 3 days’ lunches. Well, it would have been enough, but I ate one during my lunch and another shortly thereafter. It was available, and it just tasted good. Now I only have enough for tomorrow’s lunch.

I’m feeling more confident that I’ll have enough food to last me two more days. Much more confident than I was when I started. I realize I didn’t go 7 consecutive days on the Challenge, so I’m sure that makes my experience a little easier than others who have done the challenge. However, what I’ve noticed while doing this challenge you need a lot of time, energy and knowledge to make your dollars stretch. I am not a chef, but I have some cooking skills. If someone doesn’t know that beans are an excellent source of protein, they might opt for the pricier meat for the chili. I now know how quickly groceries add up, especially if you don’t have the experience of combining foods, buying in bulk, or the time and energy it takes to prepare food for a family. My thoughts go out to those parents who are holding down a job or two and trying to raise kids. I’ve been there and fed my kids their fair share of takeout and prepared food from the grocery store just to keep my sanity!

When I came home, I made my final dish: chili! I purchased kidney beans, diced tomatoes with green chilies, and a chili seasoning packet and added the remaining rice, green peppers and a wee bit of the onion. It made a big batch of soup, luckily enough to get me through 3 suppers and a lunch. My husband had venison, diced potatoes with herbs, and steamed broccoli. I don’t know how long he would have lasted if he had done the challenge with me.



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