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Day 4- Lisa


Today got me to the half way point.  Yes, I am counting down the days until I am done with the SNAP Challenge.  Every time I catch myself doing this, I have to remind myself that many people struggle with hunger for years.

I actually felt ok today.  Oatmeal is getting old.  I also had a hard boiled egg for breakfast today, and that kept me content until lunch.  Lunch was a turkey hot dog (five for 99 cents at the store…makes me wonder what I am eating).  My co-worker was kind enough to give me a ketchup packet she had left over from a trip to Burger King.  I was so happy! I also had some

For dinner, I had a combination of whole wheat pasta, black beans and salsa, with a tiny bit of shredded cheese on the top.  It wasn’t too good but I was so hungry I didn’t care.  It must not have smelled very good either, because I got up to get something and left my bowl of food on the couch.  When I returned, I realized that my dog was sitting right next to the bowl, and he hadn’t eaten any of it! photo


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