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About Us

Ottawa Food – Formerly The Ottawa County Food Policy Council

Collaborative effort to ensure access to healthy, local and affordable food.

Ottawa Food is a collaboration of over 40 local agencies and individuals that exists to ensure all Ottawa County residents have access to healthy, local, and affordable food choices.

Ottawa Food consists of members from a variety of backgrounds; including local public health, food pantries, human service organizations, food security advocates, farmers, community members, MSU Extension, Feeding America West Michigan, and many others.

Ottawa Food developed a strategic plan for 2019-2021, which consists of 3 priority areas:

1 Eliminate Hunger in Ottawa County

2 Healthy Eating by All

3 Increase Sourcing of Local Food

Ottawa Food has two subcommittees (Healthy Eating and Hunger) that both also focus on local food. Subcommittees meet monthly and Ottawa Food meets as a large group quarterly, as does the Ottawa Food Advisory Board.

Ottawa Food also has a Consumer Advisory Committee that exists to engage residents and ensure that Ottawa Food receives feedback and suggestions from community members. The Committee consists of a group of Ottawa County residents who use at least one type of food resource (Bridge Card, WIC, food pantry, Meals on Wheels, Commodities, etc.). Participants provide feedback on current and future Ottawa Food initiatives. Ottawa Food greatly values the input provided by this group.

For more information or to get involved with Ottawa Food, contact Lisa by email or call 616-393-5770.